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Monday, February 1, 2010

Enjoy blogging?

Anyone that is interested in any of my blogs or blogging period should hit me up on aim at Crymework. We can talk about stuff online marketing ideas SEO etc. My site also is for the best current ringtones cheap! I will be making quite a few domains like this and testing out my marketing success.

Movie Tutorial

I was talking with a friend today and he thought I should add tips on how to download movies and stuff from the internet without having to pay for a private site or get lots of virus ridden programs. How I do it is with torrents. I use a client called Utorrent, then configure settings. This is very important cause you might need to forward a port if your on a router etc. Hit me up at if your having that problem. After you install Utorrent I use as a free torrent search engine it seems to be one of the better ones with little to no popups. You download the .torrent file and load it up in Utorrent, make sure the light is green on the bottom and your good to go! Simple easy and effective. Until you get into private payed torrent sites this has to be the best way!