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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Learned about sites that pay for writing articles.

After much research on online money making, I came across this which is pretty profitable. The company is AC. They pay you to write articles about certain subjects, and if they are of good quality(spelling, grammar, etc) they will accept or deny your articles based on quality. It's not that bad though. I wrote 15 articles for them and four were accepted. Which came to be $60.00 in a few hours time(only about 2 hours for the 4 that were accepted. I did waste some time on the ones that weren't accepted, but with a little rewrite, and more content added they will eventually be accepted. Money in the bank so to say. Anyway my best tips for beginners is to check what is selling, and copy the person's articles that are selling. I wish someone would have told me about this a long time ago.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Awesome Guide with established methods.

I've recently come across a Internet advertising guide that comes with over 7,000 retailers for products and offers. This is truely a goldmine I bought mine as soon as I read it all. Its an investment for sure. I will make profits within a couple weeks to pay back for what I payed for the Guide. Anyway Data Team Guide It's so easy I didn't believe it until I received my first check today! Only 127.37 but I'm so happy and proud.This is the pitch from the Owner "Hello, my name is Timothy Darwin, and I am the Director of Global-Data-Entry. I would personally like to invite you to become part of our team doing work-at-home data entry. We have guided thousands of team members to success using our new type of data-entry job called Global Data Entry. Some members are currently making $300 - $2000 and more per day, using our program and guidance. We have been dealing with online data entry for over 7 years. Do you have a few minutes? I will explain more." Data Team Guide

Friday, February 5, 2010

Need to brush up on your mental skills? Test yourself and compare with friends.

Anyone up for a quick IQ test? Think your smarter then all your friends? Prove it. Take the Cali IQ test to see how sharp your brain really is! I did, and am proud of my IQ. IQ TEST Test your mental skills it;s pretty hard!

Make cartoons!

Heres a cool site that you can make cartoons with. I found it quite interesting making different cartoons for different friends anyway heres the link. Pretty Hilarious when you make a violent korean anime cartoon!

As you can see things are progressing...

So far things are seeming to pan out very well.. Tho I haven't made any money yet, I feel that I have put some serious groundwork for some traffic. Probably will be purchasing another domain shortly.. Gonna try this site out called and get a decently established website I can have full control over. Possibly some unique visitors, and youtube traffic is pretty damn good. I'll continue to share valuable information for you guys to eat up.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Expanding onto iphones and handhelds..

Well I've noticed that more and more people are searching blogs and search engines with palm devices, iphones etc. So this is a whole new market to focus on.. If your ads support these devices you can make your items convert more. Sounds good to me.. I sure could use more sales.. what about you? This is a guide that I swear by you can make a killing while this part of the market is new and hot! Trust me I converted all of my site ads and blogs to iphone and handheld formats so it reads all when they view page. Try it for yourself on multiple phones and everything to maximise potential Click Here! to see what im talking about.

So far so good..

So far I have been using multiple ways of internet marketing.. Some have showed potential, and some seem dead. So far adsense seems pretty dead.. Promoting through youtube seems to work out very well.. I use some cpa ads and just wait and let the traffic roll.. I have learned that the biggest thing to remember is keywords they get found in search alot so make sure you take that extra time to add a bunch of keywords in your tags. This is a cool ringtone maker program if you guys dont feel like buying from my site Click Here! Thing is pretty cool and makes awesome quality ringtones! See for yourself.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Enjoy blogging?

Anyone that is interested in any of my blogs or blogging period should hit me up on aim at Crymework. We can talk about stuff online marketing ideas SEO etc. My site also is for the best current ringtones cheap! I will be making quite a few domains like this and testing out my marketing success.

Movie Tutorial

I was talking with a friend today and he thought I should add tips on how to download movies and stuff from the internet without having to pay for a private site or get lots of virus ridden programs. How I do it is with torrents. I use a client called Utorrent, then configure settings. This is very important cause you might need to forward a port if your on a router etc. Hit me up at if your having that problem. After you install Utorrent I use as a free torrent search engine it seems to be one of the better ones with little to no popups. You download the .torrent file and load it up in Utorrent, make sure the light is green on the bottom and your good to go! Simple easy and effective. Until you get into private payed torrent sites this has to be the best way!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


So now I have Signed up for Adsense in hopes to make a little cash through advertising, and writing content. Can't hurt. I will be posting on here if this stuff is successful. what works, what doesn't, no bullcrap. I will gives my honest experiences. So look forward to it!
I have now signed up for adsense. I have read a lot about it, and it's a very good way to gain leads if you have the traffic. Traffic is hard to come by these days. If you ask me. They let you advertise with banners and search engines. We'll see how this pans out. I will post results for sure on this blog.

Trying to make money online.

For the past two weeks I have been lurking social network forums, learning tricks of how to make income online with little to none investment. I made some youtube videos, and edited them to point towards my website . Youtube and Warner Music Group seems to have a tight restriction on what you can and cannot use for content. I read a way to bypass this by injecting this phrase into the video description "Here's how to get around the WMG copyright issue. It worked for me. Hope it helps! It only takes a few minutes and it's worth it!

1) Select "Resolve Copyright" on the video you are having copyright issues with.
2) Scroll down and pick the option "I want to learn more about this dispute process".
3) Scroll down and pick the option "Take me to the dispute form".
4) Pick option #2 and PASTE the following statement into the text bar next to it;

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

5) Fill out the rest of the info on the page. Use your REAL name and continue
6) Scroll down on the next page and select "Submit dispute".

this will ONLY apply if you are not making any profit off your videos.

So this is a tricky one, I am still waiting for them to answer my appeal about it being legit. I will post here when i receive results.