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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Expanding onto iphones and handhelds..

Well I've noticed that more and more people are searching blogs and search engines with palm devices, iphones etc. So this is a whole new market to focus on.. If your ads support these devices you can make your items convert more. Sounds good to me.. I sure could use more sales.. what about you? This is a guide that I swear by you can make a killing while this part of the market is new and hot! Trust me I converted all of my site ads and blogs to iphone and handheld formats so it reads all when they view page. Try it for yourself on multiple phones and everything to maximise potential Click Here! to see what im talking about.

So far so good..

So far I have been using multiple ways of internet marketing.. Some have showed potential, and some seem dead. So far adsense seems pretty dead.. Promoting through youtube seems to work out very well.. I use some cpa ads and just wait and let the traffic roll.. I have learned that the biggest thing to remember is keywords they get found in search alot so make sure you take that extra time to add a bunch of keywords in your tags. This is a cool ringtone maker program if you guys dont feel like buying from my site Click Here! Thing is pretty cool and makes awesome quality ringtones! See for yourself.